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Polycarbonate Clear Boarding

Clear boarding with Polycarbonate is becoming the replacement for plywood. Example, Vacant, REO, Pre- or Post-foreclosure properties owned by Fannie Mae will be required to be secured by this alternative to plywood. Additionally, many states are adopting the same requirements for their vacant or abandoned properties.

In order to help our contractors US Hardware Supply and ClearBoardingSupply.com are offering multiple options for our polycarbonate sheets. Every installation is unique so we are providing you choices in multiple sizes and thicknesses. We are also providing a list of locations that offer cutting services and customer pick up.

Clear Boarding 3/16" vs 1/4" Test:

Larger sheet sizes and cutting services are available. Call for more information 877-379-8747

Free shipping on orders over $2200 before tax and a flat $100 shipping fee for all other orders. A $35 lift gate fee is required if you don't have a receiving dock.

This product is Made in USA, it is a general purpose Polycarbonate, not recycled material.